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We do represent for Europe the Ouagadougou bronze sculptor whose works you can admire on our site. We permanently have an important stock of his different types of bronze. Consequently we can deliver you within one week following your order and quickly meet your request of restock.

To enable you to make your choice, we suggest that you contact us. We then shall send you our price list and a link that will enable you to have access to the professional pages. Next you will be able to choose the bronze items that interest you among several dozen which are taken into photos and order them. Such bronze are indeed achieved according to the technic of lost wax and the mould is only used once. Thus there are no two identical works.

The minimum amount of the first order is 300 euros, carriage unpaid. No minimum is asked for a request of restock.

If you are interested in contemporary jewels, you can also contact us but we do not have any stock and the delivery terms will be longer, about one month.

Regarding the other items – ancient and collectible beads, ancient bronzes and wooden pieces – they are ancient works and as such unique. If you wish to buy several of these masterpieces, we can discuss a professional price with you but case by case.