African Art from Mali and Burkina Faso - Arts d'Afrique d'hier et d'aujourd'hui


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    Jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) we propose are for the most part, the work of two of the best contemporary artists from West Africa.


    The vast majority of bronzes presented on our site are from Burkina Faso for modern bronzes or Mali for the more traditional bronzes. Most are recent bronzes, some are old and we write it in this case in the description.


    You will not find here a profusion of objects of all kinds and qualities, but a selection of objects that we chose in Mali or Burkina Faso for their aesthetic quality, their rarity or their ethnographic interest. Unfortunately it is usually difficult to date them and we are well aware that the term "old" that we use in the description of many objects is very vague. The adjectives "authentic and old" mean that the object has been really used..


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